2023 Rates

Register online n
ow until August 19th, 2023 - $35.00 for all runners
Registration on the day of the event is still $35.00 (Credit/Debit or cash)

Single Participant Registration
Team Registration

Click Forms to complete and sign waiver Waivers MUST be signed by everyone participating
If under 18, waiver must be signed by parent/guardian
The Mad Mudder is open to everyone. However, we recommend children be at least 10 years of age.
**Ages 13 and under must run the course with an adult **

Forms and payments can be mailed to:
Mad Mudder Mud Run
101 Meadowood Lane
Madison Twp., PA 18444


100% of the proceeds will benefit the Madisonville Fire Dept.

Mad Mudder Guidelines

Thanks for your participation in the Madisonville Fire Department’s Mad Mudder Mud Run. In order for this event to be safe and have a fun, friendly atmosphere a few guidelines need to be followed. We ask that every adventure seeking participant heeds the following:

1. While we are keeping time, we want everybody to enjoy their experience and conquer the obstacles. So with that in mind please wait your turn, if the obstacle has a line, help others succeed in their efforts.

2. This event is meant to have a family friendly atmosphere. If any of the event staff feels that you are not participating in a “family friendly” way, you will be asked to correct the action or leave the premises, without a refund.

3. In order for this to be a safe event we ask that if you find yourself becoming a slower participant please do your best to stay to one side of the path so that others may go around you if they choose to do so. Also it is best not to run in packs.

4. We ask that everybody encourages the other participants and to help one another through the event. If you find that somebody may be injured please bring that to the nearest event staff member. We will have staff strategically placed throughout the event. If you feel that you can’t complete an obstacle feel free to go around it.

Please have fun and spread the word. We promise a course that is challenging for all levels of experience and fitness.

Thank you again,
Members of the Madisonville Fire Department